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The Oxygenceuticals AstroDome Facial

The Oxygenceuticals AstroDome Facial is the newest addition to the treatment menu at Hannah Sowd Skin Care.

The Oxygenceuticals AstroDome Facial is an 8 step treatment that combines pure oxygen, LED therapy, near infrared, and anion with a serum infusion chosen for your skin type. This cutting edge technology from Korea is designed to to improve problematic skin conditions and rejuvenate the complexion. 

This high tech treatment is uniquely effective because it can be customized to suit any skin type. The infusion serum and oxygen dome setting can be changed according to your skin type and condition the day of the treatment.

The benefits of LED therapy include skin rejuvenation, brightening, elasticity improvement through collagen activation, acne reduction, wound healing, and reduced inflammation. Your Astrodome Facial will include blue, red, or violet LED depending on your skin condition.

The 8 step AstroDome Facial protocol is designed to improved skin texture, even skin tone, sooth damaged skin, increase skin elasticity, refine pores, and heal blemishes.

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Welcome to My New Home!

Hannah Sowd Skin Care is now located at The Healing Arts Building, 1801 Bush Street, Suite 201.

The new location is less than 2 blocks from the former storefront, on the south side of Bush Street at the intersection of Octavia (across from Octavia Restaurant).

1801 Bush Street is the large white building with a garden courtyard in front, the entrance is located thru the courtyard. The sign on the corner says Healing Arts Building.

The new studio is on the second floor with a large window for light and air flow. The second floor is accessible by one flight of stairs or a short elevator ride.

There is a parking lot south of the building, off Octavia, which is run by the Queen Anne Hotel (located on the corner of Sutter and Octavia). You may park in the lot for $5 per hour. Please pay the hotel directly if you choose to use this option.

Please make a note of the details in your Genbook confirmation email before your next appointment. It will contain an access code for the front door of the building as well as the public restrooms which are located on the first floor of the building. Allow yourself enough time to use the restroom before your appointment begins.

If you arrive early for your appointment, you may let yourself in the building and relax in the waiting area in the second floor hallway. There are also chairs in the garden if the weather is nice (and you are wearing sunscreen!).

When my office door is closed, I am with another client; please do not knock or try the door handle. The door will be left ajar when I am ready for you. You may text me if you have questions, I generally have my phone on Do Not Disturb while at work so I won’t receive a phone call.

I look forward to seeing you in my new studio!

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I’m not alone when I say the last year of my life has strayed from the norm and been downright rough at times. My entire world shifted, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

I love a good routine so constant shifting isn’t my happy place, I’ve made extra effort to include things in my day to day life that make me smile.

Here are a few of my favorite things at the moment:

Early morning walks

I’m fortunate to live in a beautiful neighborhood so out my front door in any direction and I’ll see a view that has me reaching for my camera. In the COVID-era, the less populated streets of the early morning feel safer and moving my body is always a great start to my day.

R&Co Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist

I could say I wash my hair once a week because it’s healthier but the fact is, it seems like a lot of work when I’m not going out. But I’m still exercising and my husband has to live with my dirty hair so I was super excited to find R&Co Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist. Spray it on at night and wake up feeling soft and clean.

Cult &King Balm

During an online consult with a new client she mentioned her love for Balm from Cult & King. Of course I jotted it down in my notes and jumped right on Google. With excessive hand washing and no professional nail services, my hands and feet were waiting for this product.

Standard Jumpsuit Alex Mill

Working from home, the seeing clients on video calls, walking the dog; none of it requires an “outfit” yet wearing leggings and a tee shirt makes me feel underdressed. Then I discovered the Alex Mill jumpsuit collection, they make several variations but I love the Standard. It’s functional yet surprisingly flattering. Comfortable enough to lounge around the house but pulled together enough so I can run to the store without changing. Highly recommend.

Yoga With Adriene

You probably already know and love Adriene but for the 2 of you that haven’t tried one of her YouTube classes yet, now is the time. I saw her referred to as “the Mr Rogers of yoga” and that’s pretty much spot on. You don’t need to be flexible and you don’t need a yoga background.

Milk Frother

The majority of my meals are coming from my own kitchen these days and that includes coffee drinks. A few months ago, I broke down and purchased an inexpensive gadget to froth milk, I should have done it sooner! Turns out frothy milk is the answer to early morning happiness.

High Frequency Wand For Acne

The high frequency wand is a relatively inexpensive tool used to help combat acne breakouts at home or during a facial.

Think of this electric wand as a high tech spot treatment which employs argon gas to kill bacteria. 

You will find a number of options available on Amazon for less than $100, most are categorized as “argon” or “neon”. 

Argon is a blue or violet light which kills acne bacteria. Neon is an orange light designed for anti-aging, I’ve never seen results from a neon high frequency- invest in a good LED panel for anti-aging benefits. 

The wand comes with an array of attachments, I like the “mushroom” for ease of use. Most importantly, keep the wand moving at all times. Holding it in one place can damage your skin!

Sadly, Drinking Alcohol Does Accelerate Skin Aging

I’m a proponent of a balanced lifestyle. I want to believe I can treat and hydrate my way out the negative effects of occasional alcohol consumption.

Am I fooling myself? Probably.

We know drinking alcohol dehydrates our body and makes the skin less elastic. Alcohol also increases blood vessel dilation which leads to redness, puffy eyes, and inflammation.

The older I get, the longer these after effects (and the pounding headache…) seem to hang around.

Sadly, there’s evidence to show the impact doesn’t stop there. Alcohol consumption accelerates the aging process of the skin and there’s no way around it.

Effect of alcohol use. Regression analyses suggested a relationship between alcohol use and aging severity that was statistically significant for under-eye puffiness, mid-face volume loss, and blood vessels on the cheeks.”

Under-eye puffiness, mid-face volume loss, and blood vessels on the cheeks? Ugh. Regular alcohol consumption affects much more than just the hydration levels of our skin.

Corrective treatments for volume loss of the face and broken blood vessels require expensive, invasive procedures like dermal fillers and lasers.

It’s time to rethink my alcohol consumption!

“I tried a sample of a skincare product, it didn’t “work”.”

Skincare samples are cute and fun, everyone loves getting free samples.

Skincare samples generally hold 2-5 applications of a product. If your skin needs exfoliation sometimes a product can deliver “wow” results from a single application but using most products a handful of times will not determine the longterm results.

The best way to determine if a product will work for your skin is using it on a regular basis for 30-60 days or two full skin cell cycles.

So what is the point of skincare samples?

Samples are a great way to experience the texture and scent of a product. They are wonderful if you have allergies or if you prefer a certain sensation in your skincare routine.

When a moisturizer feels too heavy or light, a cleanser too rich or foamy, we may form a mental block when it comes to our skincare routine.

Your skincare routine should make you happy!

Don’t force yourself to use a product because you think it’s “good for you” if you don’t like the way it feels. The skincare market is saturated with options and sample sizes are a good way to find what will please your senses.

Want a 3 Day Turnaround Kit of product samples created just for you? Have an Online Skin Care Consult with Hannah!

The Virtual Skin Care Consult

This year hasn’t gone as planned (and I don’t think I’m alone!). I’ve had to pivot my business plan so many times I’ve lost count.

One thing is certain, I miss seeing clients.

Since the future of face to face services is uncertain, I created a Virtual Skin Care Consult.

A Virtual Skin Care Consult gives us an opportunity to discuss your skin care needs “live”, I can see what is going on with your skin at the moment and give you real time feedback.

Every consult begins with an online intake form. If you are a brand new client you will complete a new set of of forms, if we have worked together in the past you will provide an update for me.

When I receive your intake information, I do a careful assessment before we schedule time to meet. The virtual meeting takes place via FaceTime, Google Meet, or Skype. The consult takes about 45 minutes, depending on what we need to discuss.

Each consult is different, we talk about what you need right now. We can discuss a specific issue or work on an entirely new skincare routine. It’s your time so we can work on whatever you need.

I enjoy the virtual consults so much! I’ve established relationships with new clients thousands of miles away and gotten a peek into the lives of local clients quarantined at home.

To schedule a Virtual Skin Care Consultant click here or shoot me an email with any questions.

Wash Your Face

When was the last time you washed your face? Not just a rinse in the shower but a full 2 minute lather with facial cleanser?

Days, weeks, and months blend together during this extended quarantine and sometimes our routines get lost. 

Our lives look different now versus 6 months ago; work from home, school from home, PPE in public and at work.

Have you purchased a new bottle of cleanser since the pandemic started? If the answer is no, you’re not washing your face enough.

No matter where you spend your day and what you have on your face, your skin continues to shed cells and produce oil. Regular cleansing is the first step to keeping your skin balanced and healthy.

Wash your face:

  • when you wake up in the morning
  • after wearing PPE for an extended period of time 
  • before and after exercise 
  • before going to bed at night

Find a cleanser you love. It should leave your skin feeling clean but not dry or tight. If you like the feel of a cleansing brush or other tool, use it once a day in the evening.

Take the opportunity to massage your face for a few minutes while cleansing. Massage stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage to increase the health of your skin. Make it a ritual!

Do you have questions about cleansing or your skin care routine in general? Schedule a virtual consult with Hannah.

Hannah Sowd Skin Care COVID Studio Procedures

*Updated December, 2022*

My goal is to create a safe environment for everyone at Hannah Sowd Skin Care. This post is periodically updated with the latest studio procedures and policies.

The studio is currently open at 1801 Bush Street Suite 201. I am fully vaccinated with my booster shots and all clients must be fully vaccinated to have a treatment at the studio. Please have proof of your COVID vaccination available at your first appointment.

Winter of 2022 has brought us another COVID surge and extreme flu season. Receiving a skincare treatment without a mask may put you at risk even with the precautions in place at the studio.

Please schedule your appointment online and check your confirmation email, it contains important information about building access and a link to the mandatory COVID Treatment Consent Form.

Every client must complete the COVID Treatment Consent Form before each appointment. This form is linked in your confirmation email as well as on the Services page of

Please wash your hands before we begin your appointment. The restroom is located on the first floor of 1801 Bush St. to the right of the lobby and the elevator. The restroom door code is in your confirmation email.

We cannot accommodate guests in the office during your treatment. There are multiple waiting areas in the building as well as the park in front on 1801 Bush St.

Do not come to your appointment if you are feeling sick; a sore throat, loss of your sense of taste or smell, a cough, runny nose, fever, or chills.

Do not come to your appointment if you may have been exposed to a person who has tested positive for COVID.

Contact me ASAP if you are not feeling well and cannot make your appointment, every time slot is valuable. Late cancellations and no call/no show appointments will be charged accordingly.

Window ventilation, multiple air filters, and increased sanitation measures have been implemented throughout the studio to help keep everyone safe. Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you for your support!

A Month With No Touch

I touch people for a living. Literally. Connecting with humanity on a physical level has been a part of my life for 22 years.

Working in my industry can prove exhausting for some, but when you find a home here it’s because you thrive off the exchange of energy that happens in the treatment room.

I’ve grown accustomed to hearing “Isn’t your job exhausting?”. You know what exhausts me? Staring at this computer screen for the past few hours.

The last time I gave a treatment to someone other than myself, my husband, or our dog was 29 days ago. My hands feel weird.

I’ve worked thru collective tragedy before.

On September 11, I worked at a high end hotel spa in Los Angeles. Our property was filled with trapped New Yorkers waiting for news from home. Clients came to the spa for comfort and distraction, some cried in my treatment room. I learned a lot about humanity, I learned a lot about myself.

I moved to San Francisco in 2008 and started my business just as the economy collapsed. Collectively, the city was devastated but the humanity and connection I experienced in my work buoyed me along.

Huge shout out to clients that have been with me since day one!

This past month confirmed how much I rely on my work and interaction with my clients to process tragedy in the world. The random tidbits of information, the comforting exchanges; it helps me to feel more connected to humanity.

I am fortunate. My business structure allows me to receive unemployment benefits and my online store is doing well (have a look since you’re here). I connect with clients virtually to care for their skin while we are safe at home. We speak excitedly about when we can reconnect in person. My business will see the other side of this pandemic.

My tech friends encourage me to pivot, reinvent myself, offer more online services. I’ve embraced online booking from the start, social media is wonderful for engagement and education. But is that the future of skin care? Not for me. A Zoom call and and a box of products delivered to your door will get us thru this tough time but it will never replicate the way you feel when you leave my studio.

I love this industry, educating people about their skin and teaching them how to navigate marketing hype is my passion. I worry about how things will look a year from now. One thing is certain, my business and my clients are a part of who I am, we will figure out the future together.

Is Your Pillowcase Affecting Your Skin?

One third of our lifetime is spent sleeping so it makes sense to consider the surface where we lie our carefully treated skin!

Nighttime skin care routines involve cleansing then carefully applying skin care products, but what happens for the next 8 hours?

How does your sleeping surface affect your skin?

Skin continues to produce oil while you sleep. Cotton fabric absorbs oil. Whatever is on your hair (hair products, oil, dirt etc.) ends up on you pillowcase and eventually on your face.

Change your pillowcase at least once a week.

Do I need a silk pillowcase?

A small clinical trial showed a reduction in breakouts when participants with acne slept on a silk pillowcase. Silk absorbs less oil and dirt than cotton and also reduces friction on your skin and hair.

If you are acne prone, a silk pillowcase could help. The bottom line is, silk or cotton, make sure your sleeping surface is clean for the healthiest skin possible.

The Environmental Impact of Skin Care

You want nice skin but you also care about the planet, how can you balance your concerns?

Several large companies have recently made commitments to cut back on post consumer waste by using recycled plastic, refillable bottles, and less outer packaging. This is a huge step in the right direction!

Some small tips can go a long way when it comes to environmental impact from personal care products:

Looks for items with the least amount of packaging. Excessive wrapping can look pretty and make it feel like you are getting a “gift” but most of it ends up in the landfill.

Shop locally. Not only do you support your neighbors and community, but you lessen the environmental impact of shipping and packing materials.

Use up all the products you have. If a cream is too rich for your face, use it on your body. Don’t throw away perfectly good products!

Streamline your routine to 2-3 products per season. Rotate your products as necessary when a bottle is empty. 5-6 open products run the risk of expiring before you can use them all.

Recycle your empty packages! This may seem obvious but if there’s no recycling bin in the bathroom it’s an easy one to miss.

Donate unused items. Skin care can be an impulse buy and return policies can be strict. Check with your local homeless shelter, many of them welcome donations of unused (or gently used) personal care products.

“I have an office job, do I need to use SPF every day?”

“I work inside all day in front of a computer, do I really need to an SPF in my daily skin care routine?”

One word answer: YES.

Do you commute to and from work when the sun is shining? Do you leave your office for lunch or to grab coffee? Do you have a window in your office?

You are exposed to UVA and UVB rays even when you aren’t actively in the sun.

Here in San Francisco weather can be unpredictable. I once got a mild sunburn on the back of my neck while eating lunch in Union Square.

Additionally, when you use a physical SPF (like you know you should) you protect your skin from HEV light emitting from the technology around you.

Find a sunscreen product you like, layer it over an antioxidant serum for maximum protection, and make it part of your daily routine.

How To Be A Good Client

We all want a great skin care treatment but what can you do to enhance your session?

Let’s assume you have the basics covered: show up to your appointment a few minutes early, cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours in advance etc.

Here are a few tips to help you have the best treatment possible:

  1. Bring your current skin care regime (or photos of the products) to your first session. Knowledge of the ingredients you are currently using might influence the treatment you receive.
  2. Have an open mind and communicate your concerns. You scheduled a treatment with a professional so trust their opinion. However, feel free to ask questions and inquire about the process along the way.
  3. If you want to see a change in your skin, commit to the suggested treatment plan and provide feedback as necessary. If you are in love with a certain product and don’t want to switch, be honest! If you need a skin care regime at a lower price point, be honest! If you don’t communicate your needs, you will not see the results you want.
  4. Be honest about how much time and money you want to commit to your skin care routine. Skin is a living organ that requires maintenance. For best results, establish a plan that fits your lifestyle!

The Wedding Countdown

Looking your best for your wedding (or any big event) is important but how do you fit all your appointments in the week before? And in what order?

I get this question a lot from my bridal clients so I’m putting it in a blog!

Six months to a year out from your date: start your skin care routine. This gives you plenty of time to customize your plan with a professional. More aggressive treatments like chemical peels require downtime and planning.

Six months before your big day: have a trial run with your hair and makeup artist as well as other professionals. This includes nails, spray tan, waxing, lash extensions etc. Find the business where you will have these services performed AND the technician who will perform them. Leave as little to chance as possible!

Four weeks before your big day: have your last corrective facial treatment with microdermabrasion or a peel, hair cut/color, Botox and fillers.

Five-seven days before your big day: have a massage, a body wrap, body scrub, or any other body treatments.

Three-five days before your big day: schedule lash extensions, waxing, LED facial.

The day before your big day: schedule manicure and pedicure then spray tan.

A few general items to remember:

Book as early as possible! Talented technicians in all trades get busy so the earlier you plan, the better for both of you. I have brides that book 6 months of treatments up front and it works great for both of us.

Certain treatments take time to work. Botox takes two weeks to see full results. A chemical peel can take about a month to see the best results. Have consultations with professionals so you know what to expect on what timeline. This is not a time to experiment with something new!

Should I Buy Skin Care Products From A Discount Website?

We’ve all been there, shopping online we find a serum our esthetician sells but for a fraction of the price.

What’s the deal with these products? Why is a serum $148 at most locations but $99 on a discount site? Is it too good to be true?

Every company sets an MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) for their products, whether it’s skin care, clothing, or other items. Most companies even go so far as to monitor when their products can go on sale and how deep of a discount can be offered.

All accounts have agreed to sell products for the MSRP whether in person or online. Reputable companies want control over the pricing of their goods and will shut down accounts that don’t comply.

So how are certain sites selling the same product for less?

A large amount of these sales are expired product sold by a third party. Most retailers won’t risk losing their account just to offer an unapproved discount.

Or like I discovered recently, it could fake product.

I finished a favorite eye shadow palette only to discover it had been discontinued. A quick Google search led me to a few for sale on a discount site. Against my better judgement, I purchased it (they has great reviews!) only to discover it was a knock off. The packaging was identical; it was brand new and sealed but full of cheap eye shadow with no pigment.

Thankfully I spent less than $20 to learn that lesson.

A sales rep from a company I work with told me this story years ago. A customer returned a serum she purchased online because it just wasn’t the same as previous bottles. Their lab tested the contents of the returned bottle and it was apple cider vinegar not the $100 serum the customer thought she was purchasing.

If you can’t purchase your products directly from a professional, find a reputable website. Trying to save a few dollars on a discount site could be a disaster in the end.