The Oxygenceuticals AstroDome Facial

July 11, 2021 / 8:41 am

The Oxygenceuticals AstroDome Facial is the newest addition to the treatment menu at Hannah Sowd Skin Care.

The Oxygenceuticals AstroDome Facial is an 8 step treatment that combines pure oxygen, LED therapy, near infrared, and anion with a serum infusion chosen for your skin type. This cutting edge technology from Korea is designed to to improve problematic skin conditions and rejuvenate the complexion. 

This high tech treatment is uniquely effective because it can be customized to suit any skin type. The infusion serum and oxygen dome setting can be changed according to your skin type and condition the day of the treatment.

The benefits of LED therapy include skin rejuvenation, brightening, elasticity improvement through collagen activation, acne reduction, wound healing, and reduced inflammation. Your Astrodome Facial will include blue, red, or violet LED depending on your skin condition.

The 8 step AstroDome Facial protocol is designed to improved skin texture, even skin tone, sooth damaged skin, increase skin elasticity, refine pores, and heal blemishes.

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