High Frequency Wand For Acne

February 1, 2021 / 8:12 am

The high frequency wand is a relatively inexpensive tool used to help combat acne breakouts at home or during a facial.

Think of this electric wand as a high tech spot treatment which employs argon gas to kill bacteria. 

You will find a number of options available on Amazon for less than $100, most are categorized as “argon” or “neon”. 

Argon is a blue or violet light which kills acne bacteria. Neon is an orange light designed for anti-aging, I’ve never seen results from a neon high frequency- invest in a good LED panel for anti-aging benefits. 

The wand comes with an array of attachments, I like the “mushroom” for ease of use. Most importantly, keep the wand moving at all times. Holding it in one place can damage your skin!

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