Anti-Aging TCA Peel

A Trichloroacetic Acid Peel (TCA) is a comprehensive anti-aging treatment. This version is combined with salicylic acid and retinol to make an excellent treatment for sun damage, general skin laxity, and distended pores.

Approximately 36-48 hours after this chemical peel, the skin begins to flake. The amount of flaking you experience may vary. If you exfoliate regularly the flaking may be light, if not it may be more intense. Plan for the possibility of 7-10 days of flaking skin. 

The chemical peel solution must remain on your skin for at least 6 hours after your appointment. You may not wash your face or workout during this time.

The price listed is for treatment of the face only. If you would like to treat the neck, chest, or any additional areas, make a note when booking so more time can be allotted and you will be quoted an accurate price. 

Please fill out the chemical peel consent form before your first appointment.