“What do YOU use?”

October 10, 2011 / 4:25 pm

Several times a week, a client asks me “What do you use?”.

I have a closet full of products, most of them are given to me by product reps trying to get (or keep) my business; if I really like a product it goes in the “I’d pay retail for it!” category.

My recommendations vary depending on skin type, but here is a breakdown what I’m currently using:


I wash my face during my morning shower with iS Clinical Cleansing Complex. I use a few drops of iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum Advance+ under my sunscreen. I’m a sunscreen junkie, I love Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen and Primer: I mix it with a bit of my foundation for a customized tinted moisturizer.

I wash my face when I get home from work (before I head to the gym or yoga). I use my Vitamin Therapy Fortifying Cleanser, the sulfate-free formula uses soy and avocado oils which dissolve dirt, oil and makeup. I’ve always been too lazy to use a proper makeup remover and this does the job! If my skin feels especially dirty, I wash twice: lather, rinse, repeat.

My nighttime routine varies. I always use my Firming Peptide Eye Therapy but I change it up between Nightly Therapy Retinol Complex and iS Clincal Youth Complex.

Every 8-12 weeks:

I like to have a cleansing facial every 8 weeks, I always need extractions!

I give myself a Jessners Peel or a South Beach Peel 3-4 times a year, covering my face, neck and decollete area. This keeps my melasma and fine lines under control and stimulates collagen production.

I’ve attempted to self-administer an Iderm treatment or Microdermabrasion and the results are comical! Some things are better left to the professionals.

Every 6-8 months:

I use Dysport on the vertical line on my forehead. The result is more subtle than Botox and only require maintenance every 6-8 months.

photo 2 copyIn 2008, I had an Affirm CO2 fractional laser treatment on my entire face, eyelids and neck. The doctor I worked with needed a test subject for his new laser; I don’t advocate an aggressive procedure like this for most people in their 30’s.

That being said, the results were amazing!

The laser eliminated all of my hyper-pigmentation, most of my residual acne scars and tightened my skin more than I was expecting. My face swollen and flaky for a week but considering the downtime versus the results, I will do it again in the future.


As I (rapidly) approach my 40th birthday, I try to keep my expectations reasonable. I do what I can to keep my skin healthy and youthful but I refuse to make it a full time job; balance is important. The routine listed above does a lot for my appearance but so does my healthy diet, regular Bikram Yoga practice, Zen meditation and general attitude towards life; don’t take it all so seriously!

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