I Tried SculpSure For My Chin Fat And This Is What Happened

January 27, 2019 / 8:48 am

I’ve always had a submental fat pad, regardless of the state of my body weight; it’s that little lump of fat under the chin that creates a “double chin” when you smile too big.

As I’ve gotten older, it started to play a roll in my neck looking….older. After an honest conversation with my amazing dermatologist, we decided I would benefit more from getting rid of the fat than tightening the skin.

He suggested Kybella injections but I was afraid of the swelling and downtime. I considered CoolSculpting but heard about a new alternative, Sculpsure, and decided it was the best option for me.

According to their website Sculpsure uses targeted laser energy to heat fat cells under the skin without affecting the skin’s surface. The SculpSure laser raises the temperature of fat cells damaging their structural integrity. Over the next three months, the damaged fat cells are processed and eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system. Fat cells are permanently removed and will not regenerate. Results can be seen as quickly as six weeks, and optimal results typically seen at 12 weeks.

During my consultation, two treatments spaced 4 weeks apart were recommended. The headgear is designed to keep the heating plate in place under the chin so it needs to be rather tight which was slightly uncomfortable. You have to sit up very straight so the plate makes contact with the underside of the chin which also wasn’t super comfortable but it wasn’t the worst procedure I’ve suffered thru!

The initial heating cycle was HOT!  Once the heating and cooling cycles kick in it was bearable. I read a review that compares the sensation to a burn from a curling iron which I think is a little dramatic.

After the treatment, I had a mark from the pressure of the device against my chin but no redness or swelling.

There is a mark from the pressure of the machine but no redness or swelling.

The next day my jawbone felt sore from the pressure of the device but no redness or swelling of the tissue. I was instructed to massage the area for 10 minutes per day, I used my jade roller for which caused a bit of soreness but I wanted to make sure I was moving all the lymph fluid.

The day after the first treatment, no redness or swelling.

Two days after the first treatment my chin area felt totally normal. I continued to massage it with my jade roller as much as possible.

The week after I had some intermittent soreness in the tissue.

During the second week I still felt mildly sore at times but had no swelling or nodules which are possible side effects.

After the third week I started to notice a difference! I too photos to compare and sure enough, my chin was smoother. No soreness or pain at all. I began to get excited for my second treatment!

My second treatment was four weeks after the first and I’m pretty sure the technician increased the intensity a bit. Since I was already noticing results I was determined to get thru it! This time my chin felt sore directly after the treatment. I tried to use my jade roller that evening but was too tender.

The morning after second treatment I was still sore and slightly swollen. By the third day it was still sore to touch but swelling had gone down. I was sore while massaging my chin for a full week after my second treatment, it was nothing unbearable and since the results were getting better each day, I wasn’t alarmed.


Before and 12 weeks after my first Sculpsure treatment.

12 weeks after my first treatment I am thrilled with the results! The fat pad that bothered me is gone, my jawline is more defined and there was zero downtime involved in the procedure.

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